Creative Agency


Weaving words. Capturing connection. Orchestrating visions. Leaning in and listening. Storytelling through the many phases is where I begin. Remembering and cultivating the abundant seeds within. I stand to heal, to bridge the old with the new, and to never forget the light that shines through. Here I begin. 

I step into a life led by the depths of my soul

Stages & Cocoon Phases

Born- November 26 1995, to two artists, in Los Angeles

Moved- 10 years later to Santa Barbara

Graduated- Santa Barbara High School 2014

Fell in love- Met my love and began to dream together 

Moved- Signed with IMG modelling agency in New York City 

Travel- 3 months later took off to travel (Iceland, Europe, Australia, Mexico, South America...)

Study- Quail Springs Permaculture Design Course 2015

Moved- March of 2016, moved to Byron Bay, Australia, settled onto an old Lychee Farm

Study- School of Shamanic Womancraft November 2016 

Born into this world with a mission, a vast quest to illuminate the seeds within. A journey it has been to where I am today, for those are the seeds that have now sprouted. Photography, a story through photographs, has been one tool on my journey that expands my soul. Now choosing to live a life connected to my souls calling I listen, watch, and patiently pursue to bring forth these gifts. Writing, connects my heart with my mind, and together we weave a tapestry of stories experienced and dreamed of. 

Having listened to my souls calling, it led me to where I am today. Living in Australia a place far, far from home on an old Lychee farm with my partner and his family. I spend my days tending to my garden both inward and outward, walking the land, and spreading my medicine. Inspired by the eucalyptus trees and the Kookaburras song It is here I create and learn to see.